Our services

Pre-Construction Surveys

A pre-construction survey serves to document pre-existing cracks that could become the subject of concern or a claim after construction begins. Read More

Vibration & Sound Monitoring

Ground vibrations and air overpressures from blasting and other heavy construction sources are the cause for concern on many projects that take place in congested areas.  These effects must be monitored and controlled. Read More

Remote Monitoring

Seismic Surveys, Inc. has been on the leading edge of remote vibration monitoring since the turn of the century.   Beginning with the use of satellite telemetry in 2001 we have moved to cellular telemetry as the technology has advanced. Read More

Seismograph Sales & Lease

Seismic Surveys, Inc. is an authorized distributor for Instantel® seismographs. We offer the full line of MiniMate™ and BlastMate™ seismographs for sale and lease and can facilitate your calibration and maintenance needs. Read More

Seismograph Operator Training

Your seismograph data is only as good as the credibility of the operator.  Seismic Surveys, Inc. is recognized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, many local Virginia Fire Marshals, and the State of Maryland as a provider of seismograph operator training. Read More

Blast Plan Review

Seismic Surveys, Inc.’s professional staff will develop a project specific plan for monitoring and controlling construction vibrations. Read More

Geotechnical Instrumentation

Seismic Surveys installs and monitors slope inclinometers, tilt meters, crack gauges, extensometers and other geotechnical and structure monitoring instrumentation adjacent to construction projects in congested areas. Read More

Claim Support & Resolution

Seismic Surveys provides damage claim or complaint resolution assistance to Contractors, Developers, Engineers and Insurance companies. Read More